Legal information

In this section we show your rights, levels of security and privacy and also the terms of use of Edueca. If you are satisfied with all these conditions, you are welcome to Edueca, if you do not agree, you should not use Edueca. If you violate the terms, we can cancel your access to Edueca and / or block access to your projects, without prejudice to other legal actions.

You should know that you can use Edueca in two different ways, as a teacher and / or as a student:

  • In Edueca, a person or entity can create educational projects. The most common case is that of a teacher who creates a course , but is not the only one, for example, a coordinator, team leader or director of a center could also create courses, teams or centers. These are referred to as CLIENTS of Edueca. When a user creates a project, it automatically becomes a client, in addition you become the owner of your project and also assume a series of responsibilities.
  • Anyone can register to Edueca and attend a course or be part of a team or center, usually a student who enrolls in a course . We refer to us as USERS. For the simple fact of registering in Edueca you are already a user.

In the sections below you will find different legal information, contact us in case of doubt: