Create and offer your courses in Edueca

Your eLearning platform

Create and offer your courses in Edueca

Your eLearning platform 

We have created Edueca for you

Simple, useful, versatile and customizable

On the cloud

No need to install or maintain it. Without complications.

You're not alone

We will help you, so we can grow together.

To your liking

You can customize Edueca according to your needs.

Lots of tools

You will have multiple educational tools that adapt to your content.

Make it yours

Create the virtual classroom to suit you

Make it yours

You can create your virtual classroom. This will be your academy, center or campus, and you can customize it as you want.

Logo, color styles, custom domain, help center, teacher teams ...

We are teachers and educators specialized in e-Learning. We will make it easy for you to make Edueca yours.

Your most active students

Communicate with your students

Your most active students

We have designed Edueca based on criteria of accessibility and teaching capacity, our goal is to facilitate comfortable access without trembling.

In addition, we offer your students their own learning space (library), a community (social learning network) and an intelligent tutor (who will help and guide you).

Our purpose is to achieve group learning, collaborative and profitable.

Enrich the formation

Add your materials

Enrich the formation

You can add content (text type), PDF, Presentations (PPT), documents (Word), and your own videos (or we will host them, as you prefer), here it is easy to make the training content available to the student.

Activities such as forums or questionnaires can be transformed into debates, brainstorming, or self-evaluation.

Webinars, tutorials, participation in the community or in the chat ... all this you can offer to enrich your training.

Edueca can help you

Teachers, teams, academies, organizations

Creating your own virtual classroom is very simple

We will guide you


Open to the world. Make your knowledge reach more and more people by creating an online course.

Edueca is so easy to use that you don't need to have technological knowledge , you just need to transfer your materials to the digital world. Edueca will facilitate online teaching.

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Create the structure of your course and add all kinds of content: PDFs, text, images and videos.

In addition, you can include different types of activities , as well as forums and questionnaires within the course.


Create your personal brand. Do not settle for a course, create your own virtual classroom.

Add your logo and choose the colors of the center. In addition, you have the possibility to have your own subdomain and add events to your virtual classroom calendar.


Decide how and who you want to participate in your course.

As the course administrator, you will be the one who chooses the role of the participants and you can either invite them through a link that will be provided or leave the registration free.


Have your students get hooked on your course.

With Edueca metrics you can track your progress , square virtual tutorials, send messages and reminders and evaluate their knowledge through questionnaires and activities.

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